Great Library

The Peer Review Game

Game based

Game based environment promotes intrinsic motivations

Critical thinking

The customizable peer review process builds lasting critical thinking skills

Teacher portal

Get a complete overview of the progress of all students in the teacher portal


The students data is stored on our server and secured using the latest standards

A complete overview

As soon as a student opens the game

Students can see their avatar, when the next upcoming deadlines are, what review grades they've gotten, and how far they've come studying the course content. If they work hard, all paintings and books can be collected.

A bit of identity

Building a community while remaining anonymous

When starting the game, students generate their avatars and names. These will provide them with an identity and a sense of community throughout their time in The Great Library, while their real identities remain hidden.

Tracking the progress

A simple overview for the teachers

Using the advanced teacher portal, course managers can get a full insight into the course progress. Keep a tap on students performance, check who's late, and directly contact those students that require extra attention. Course managers also have to ability to edit all course content and the review structure.

What are you waiting for

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Join others like the Delft University of Technology, and gamify your peer review process!